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For troubles with forum features or general questions regarding site moderation/administration.
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Membergroup FAQ

Post by mezcalhead » Tue Oct 10, 2006 3:04 am

There have been some questions regarding the way the membergroups work, which is as follows:


A new member, essentially. They can see and post to most of the forum besides the for sale section.

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A regular member, achieved after 50 posts. They can use the for sale section. 50 was a number somewhat randomly chosen by us .. we want to deter scammers, and 50 seemed like a number of posts that would be annoying to make if you just wanted to use the for sale forum, but a number you'd reach in no time if you actually hung around and used the forum.

Expat ImageImageImage

Expats are members who have been here from the early beginning and who advise on the direction of the forum. The term originates from the fact we've all met on other fora and relocated here. It's comparable to "founding member" as sometimes seen on other fora. Our aim is to take what is good from other forum arrangements, but run this one the way we wished others were run. Although we have several admins and moderators here, we felt there should be a much wider input. It is, after all, the contributions of the members that make a forum and we want to recognize that.

To that end, this wider group of members exist to provide a "keel" of common sense by advising the moderators and admins. It isn't intended to be a special in-crowd, just a group of people helping to make the sort of forum they want to hang out in. There are no other benefits to being an expat above those already awarded to the Pat Numbers .. and a certain amount of responsibility weighs upon them.

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A more intuitive concept, moderators are those who are prepared to spend their time supervising the forum and sorting out any problems. They have the necessary abilities to edit or delete other people's posts, ban them, and so on. This is a fairly freewheeling forum compared to some, and the mods are laid-back people, but the capabililty to enforce the forum rules is sadly a necessity.

Currently there are 5 moderators, a number which may grow if necessary, although we have a very high mod:member ratio compared to many forums. Each moderator has a couple of sections they are assigned to that are their particular responsibility, although any mod will fight injustice wherever it is found.

If you have any problems, please feel free to PM a mod.

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The admins are more concerned with the mechanics of running the site rather than the content, in theory anyway, although they do have moderator duties to a greater or lesser extent.
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