Misc Discussions topic ban lifted

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Misc Discussions topic ban lifted

Post by Telliot » Sun May 22, 2022 8:54 am

Hi everyone.

After months of discussion and adjustments behind the scenes, we've decided to lift the ban on political discussions; since politics and religion are so closely related in many topics there will be a lift on those discussions as well.

This was not a unanimous decision. There is a large faction of the admin/mod team who would rather keep things as they are now, but we are moving forward with this decision because those of us who are in favor of lifting the ban strongly feel it is part of what has made OSG special. Given the state of the world, this forum has served as a respite, to discuss things that affect our lives in profound ways. Removing that does more harm than good, we believe.

All that said, please take a moment to read the site rules, especially the part in bold red. Hopefully we never have to use this nuclear option, but please understand how controversial lifting this ban is among the admin (and probably some members). Please treat this - and each other - respectfully and with care, moving forward.

To be doubly clear, access to the Misc Discussion section is a privilege that has to be earned, like the FS section. Repeat violators of the forum rules in regards to their behavior in the MD section will have their access revoked permanently. Please help us prove this was a good decision and never have to resort to that.

Lastly, we spent a lot of time locking old threads after the blowup back in March. It would simply be too much to undo all that, but if there are specific threads that you feel need to be revived please send me a request; otherwise you can start a new one.

Thank you.
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