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For "Guitar Shop" access...

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 7:15 am
by Jay
If you've reached 50 posts and would like access to the Guitar Shop and Library, simply EMAIL the admins (admin at offsetguitars dot com). The subject should say "Request Guitar Shop Access" and the body should INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME. If we're busy drinking rum and coke and watching Repo Man for the 134th time, there's a good chance a request without a username will be ignored. The amount of time taken to change user groups for someone is generally inversely proportional to the length of the email sent to request access. So it's recommended that you skip the long winded explanation of why you love OSG so much or why you think Tom's shoes are still a good idea. We just don't care that much. All we need to know is that you've hit 50 posts, and we'll see that in your profile when making the group switch.

Edit: Please don't PM me for access, use the email address above. I don't need my PM inbox to fill up with guitar shop requests.