Board Rules (updated May 2022)

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Board Rules (updated May 2022)

Post by Jay » Tue Sep 12, 2006 12:06 pm

Violations of any rules below may result in warnings, temporary bans or permanent bans depending on the nature of violation. If you feel another member has violated any of these rules, or a post is in the incorrect location, PLEASE use the post reporting function built into the site. Our moderators can't read every post on the site so we rely on you, our users, to help bring problems to our attention.

1. If you don't have anything useful to add, don't say anything. Be polite and respectful. Disagreement can be good and is perfectly acceptable. Don't take it personally if someone disagrees with you. Personal attacks, insults, hate speech or trolling will not be tolerated, and neither will displays of racism, homophobia, misogyny etc. Personal attacks, insults, hate speech, slander, misogyny or otherwise trolling outside entities are also not allowed. Examples of outside entities include, but are not limited to, YouTube personalities, celebrities, other forums, businesses, etc.

2. To avoid trolling Misc Discussions is not accessible to users with less than 50 posts. Post padding for the sole purpose of reaching 50 posts will not be tolerated and offending posts will be removed. Misc Discussions and our freedom to discuss nearly everything is a privilege and should be treated as such. Access to Misc Discussions will be revoked to users who repeatedly violate the rules. When appropriate, outright bans will be issued.

3. Spreading misinformation will not be tolerated. If you are unsure of the validity of the information you are posting, make that perfectly clear.

4. Use the best English and spelling you're able to. There are members from all over the world who have enough trouble translating proper English, let alone your shorthand.

5. Look to see if you can find an answer to your question before posting a new topic. The site has a Search function, and some of the forums have FAQ-stickies. If you're having trouble with the site search, googling may work better. You can search OSG via google by typing YOUR SEARCH TERM

6. Stay on topic and place topics in the correct forum, it makes life easier for the users and administrators.

7. No selling or trading outside the Guitar Shop section. To avoid spamming, the Guitar Shop is not accessible to users with less than 50 posts. Post padding for the sole purpose of reaching 50 posts will not be tolerated and offending posts will be removed. The Guitar Shop is listed as a courtesy only. does not accept any responsibility for fraud or identity theft by members. It is suggested that you use an escrow service or a service like Paypal so that you have options in the event of a problem in your dealings with other members. All transactions are at your own risk.

When posting in the For Sale/Trade forum, you must post a price or clearly state what sort of things you want in trade rather than ask for offers. This isn't meant to be an auction site. For sale ads without prices or trade requests will be deleted. It is, of course, okay to state "+/- cash" as part of a trade deal to balance things up.

Additionally, after the item has sold please keep the original post, pictures, and listed price for posterity. Many of our users refer to these listings for reference later and it's good to know what things are selling for, generally speaking. While you are free to add the words ‘sold’ or ‘traded’ to your thread titles after your items have sold, please retain the original text so it can be easily found by other members.

The eBay forum is for unaffiliated auctions only. Affiliated auctions are to be posted in the For Sale/Trade section.

8. While we are sure you are proud of your product, employer, event etc... retail advertising is expressly prohibited. If you or the company you work for have products for sale, post them in the For Sale/Trade forum.

9. Post links to large pictures or stories instead of posting them. Large pics can take a long time to download for those without high speed connections and stories can't be reprinted without permission of the author or publisher.

10. Avatars should be appropriate for a guitar website and no more than 110x80 pixels in size. Animated avatars are prohibited. Violators will have the avatar deleted and/or have their right to use an avatar taken away.

11. Signatures must be no more than two lines, may not contain images of any type, use any colors other then the defaults, or contain any link to websites personal or otherwise. If you have a website/myspace, enter the link in the Website field in your profile. Violators will have their signature deleted and/or have their right to use a signature taken away.

12. You are entitled to only one account. Your user name may not be indecent or obscene. You may also not use the name of any business without permission from management or ownership of that business. The information provided to us when you register will not be sold or given to a third party without your consent. We use to filter registrations. If an IP address has been reported for any reason in the past, the associated address and user account will be banned and deleted. Disposable email addresses will also be banned and the associated accounts will be deleted. You must use an appropriate, authentic email account for registration.
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Re: Board Rules (updated May 2022)

Post by Telliot » Thu Jul 21, 2022 8:28 am

Please see the amended rules in bold and red type. Additionally we encourage members to report violations of the site rules to the mods.
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