Valhalla plug ins

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Re: Valhalla plug ins

Post by burpgun » Mon Mar 29, 2021 7:30 am

I like Valhalla stuff. I'll add if you are looking for affordable, exotic delay and reverb plugs take check out the Dub Machines pack from Surreal Machines (no affiliation, just a happy user.) Very lush and transformative. ... nes-vstau/

Man, the DAWS I've been through over the last 30 years. Started out on a MIDI only version of Opcode Vision, then to a Cakewalk Mac thing I can't remember the name of, to Cubase VST. I got on board with Logic when 7 came out and got pretty good at it, then had a long break from active recording and Logic Pro has changed so much I can barely get into anymore. I've pretty much settled on Ableton and am on V10. I really like its built in effects and its user interface, but I'll admit it's always kind of a pig that doesn't take full advantage of multiprocessors that well, and is kind of crude for audio editing. Since I own Logic and it will always work on whatever machines Apple is slinging, I should really dig back in.

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Re: Valhalla plug ins

Post by NBarnes21 » Mon Mar 29, 2021 6:20 pm

They're really great- I've got valhalla room and vintage verb and they're both amazing, they make really awesome stuff
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