hello from belgium

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hello from belgium

Post by Remork » Sun May 09, 2021 4:34 am

hi there.
ended up here looking for info too often not to join.

i'm based in Antwerp, belgium, i repair fellow musicians' pedals and synths for a living and i play in a couple of bands.

as far as offsets go:
- first one was a second-hand white-w/tort squier VM jazzmaster.
upgraded w/ duncan antiquities, staytrem bridge and a homemade fuzz circuit replacing the rhythm circuit :)
just bought a parchment pickguard for it, to see if it makes it a bit swankier, but not really sold on it yet.
fuzz info on my old blog: https://remork.blogspot.com/2015/03/jaz ... -what.html

- second one is a partscaster, all second hand as well.. the body is from an old fender Classic Player JM, w/ a squier affinity JM neck.
i wanted jag chrome plates on there to go with a set of vintage Gold Foils i had lying around, so i ended up making my own pickguard.
basically it's a jag pickguard resized to fit a JM body.
https://remork.blogspot.com/2018/03/jag ... aster.html
the neck has a 12" radius and i can't get used to it - too flat. to be swapped out. might try a 7.5".

- third one is a Squier Bass VI. looking to upgrade the bridge w/larger saddles, and maybe check out the series mod.

- four and five are two second-hand squier Jags i bought on a whim in the same week ..yeah, i know.
they will be donor guitars for a trio of tri-sonics i desperately want to put in a guitar.
one is a surf green VM, the other is a sunburst Classic Vibe. the Classic Vibe feels a lot better in many ways, especially the neck.
the sunburst isn't gonna work with all that chrome, though. :)
but hey, i've seen quite a bit of very sweet looking colour combo's on here that would work with trisonics.. lots of inspiration here.
will probably reassemble a second guitar out of the leftovers parts to resell.

apart from these i have a Gretsch Roc Jet that i love dearly, and a gibby goldtop deluxe that sees a lot of use.

more soon.

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