Squier VM Jag in action!

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Squier VM Jag in action!

Post by Arc » Tue May 04, 2021 6:33 am

Hi gang!
Thought about posting here a couple of recordings where I used the Jag. Love that little thing!

Signal chain was (IIRC):
Jag - MXR ZW44 OD - homemade FUZZFACE - EHX microPog - greydressedboy REPEATER
—> homemade HIWATT DR504 —> ORANGE 2x12 closed back w/ V30s.

Everything mic’ed with sm58 and senheiser 421.

They are basement recordings, mixed at home with cubase by a couple of friends. Everything but the voice is recorded live, no overdubs whatsoever.

An alt-rock duo guitar/drums


A psych/kraut impro-based sextet


The result of a couple of days of beer and music



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