Strymon Iridium

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Re: Strymon Iridium

Post by mackerelmint » Sun Jun 14, 2020 11:39 pm

You know, that's a really good point about having more than one kind of speaker available to a "multitude of amps". Hadn't thought about that.

Though to be honest, my interest in all the other amp sim pedals is to run direct and fool around with. For playing through an amp, I'm pretty much all in on the Hiwatt sound, and the tonkers are the most "fane" like speakers out there that are realistically available. Though I do also do Vox, having a pathfinder 15 (that I also ru n through a 112 a lot of the time) and an Ace Tone Rockey, which is an AC 15 mostly clone with reverb and tremolo. I have a generic OEM eminence 12 inch in that, which I'll put in a separate cab someday when I finally decide to bite the bullet and put an alnico blue in there for proper Voxy tonz. That amp needs some work, and when I get it done I'll just go the whole hog and retolex it and give it a nice speaker.

Meanwhile... Yeah I'm pretty stoked on this project. I am going to be a grownup, however and clear at least three projects off of my plate first before I take it on, though. :whistle:

The scalability of it is really nice. I mean, if I were a gigging musician, I could take my little 112s, or use backline 412s, or whatever, and not have to really drag much around. There's one really great rig review video for deerhoof, and they're playing with quilter amps through 112s, because it's totally practical and entirely adequate. It's such a refreshing thing to see in contrast to these huge arena rock rigs they always show. Just people who can make the sounds they want to make using small but quality tools to do it. It was really cool to see, for the first time ever, a gigging band out there doing the same thing I've done for, shit, a decade at this point. I don't miss my big amps at all. If I gigged, I'm sure I'd miss them even less.
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Re: Strymon Iridium

Post by somanytoys » Tue Jun 23, 2020 10:18 am

Yeah, it all depends on what your personal goals are for this.

I don’t have a vast array of speakers, all of them are, either Celestions (alnico blue & gold, or ceramic Greenbacks & Vintage) or alnico Webers (silver bell, silver & blue pup). But each one goes with different amps better than others.

I also still have quite a few big amp rigs, but mostly for bass, and those are really more about the cabs than anything else. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about the bass amps, it’s not like I can hump them around easily any more. I have them all on rack casterboards, but you can’t always roll them everywhere, you have to get them in & out of the transpo, etc. But there’s also nothing quite like big speakers pushing your bass and making your hair & clothes ripple. I’m just using regular Crown or QSC power amps for the bigger speakers, I’ve only tried Quilter’s Block 45 and didn’t care for it at all, but I think that was all the preamp’s fault.

I think the biggest guitar amp I have is an AC 15 with a 12, or maybe a Laney VC 30 with 2x10s (that I’m going to be selling soon anyway). I have really been digging the smaller amps, tho, especially the AC4s. They’re perfect for just fucking around at lower volumes, instead of barely tapping into the ability of a 15 or 30 watt amp.

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