Blacktop JM Project

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Blacktop JM Project

Post by Azentzvox » Tue Jun 30, 2020 5:52 am

Okay before everyone piles on and says don’t waste time and money on a Blacktop, trust me I get it, I know this isn’t cost effective and there are easier ways. I’m simply doing this for the opportunity to learn and build exactly what I want and have something that is 100% to my liking.

I have already done the following...
Mastery Bridge
Neck swap for 70s 7.25 U shaped neck
Copper shielding

I want to upgrade the vibrato. Suggestions?

I want to upgrade the pots and I’m looking at suggestions
Should stick with 500k and just upgrade to CTS or just go to 1meg? Linear or Audio Taper?

Eventually I’m planning on upgrading the pickups to a nice Lollar JM pickup in the neck and a quality pad style lollar or Novak humbucker in the bridge. Not quite sure on what yet still deciding.

Anyways and suggestions on vibratos pots and pickups greatly appreciate. Thanks!

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