Clear coats! Edit: Done!

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Re: Clear coats! Edit: Done!

Post by Zork » Sun Jun 02, 2019 1:17 pm

Well, thank you all. The color is great indeed, everytime I look at it it looks different, ranging from a deep olive green over different hues of gold to a greenish silver. Can't wait to have it under stage lights.

As for the sealing of the screw holes: I would just use wax. I believe it depends on the wood how bad it can be but next time I would just seal it and be safe. It actually got better, though. Maybe it will just disappear again after some time.

And of course I was already looking for colors I might want to use for my next paint job and found this great site which might be interesting for those who dig some Porsche colors: ... k-blau.php

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