Repro gold guards - A summary

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Repro gold guards - A summary

Post by mynameisjonas » Tue Jan 16, 2007 2:53 am

vintage/AVRI compatible

-andrewaward has had a bunch of very accurate goldguards made, both with 9 and 13 holes.

-allparts japan have 13 hole guards for both american and japanese jazzmasters, and also american jags. the JM guards now also available through Allparts USA and most of their local dealers, and also from Ishibashi.

-guitarpartsresource has sold some 13 hole gold guards on ebay. probably of Allparts origin.

-sharp concepts make custom aluminum pickguards, any shape, any color, powdercoated or anodized. BUT, their version of gold looks like mud.

-vintique don't seem to be in business, and have been reported to be very dodgy. don't bother...

-eden / all custom guitars an ebay store that sells 13 hole gold guards (and a few other colors as well). however, the brushing is oriented 90 degrees off the usual direction (with the guitar placed horisontal, the pattern is vertical).
UPDATE: apparently the craftsmanship on these is very poor (uneven beveling & counter sinking, rough/sharp edges etc.), so it's probably best to leave these alone.

CIJ/MIJ compatible

-fender japan 13 hole guards that fit all japanese jazzmasters. decent looking, thin, brass-like guards. used to be available at ishibashi. not sure if they are still being made.

-allparts japan (see above)

-sharp concepts (see above)
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