NGD (No Ghosts Day): Haint Blue '73 Jazzmaster

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Re: NGD (No Ghosts Day): Haint Blue '73 Jazzmaster

Post by Gavanti » Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:47 pm

Thanks y'all. I got this out at practice the other day and it did well. I'm not certain it will replace my Jag as my gigging guitar, but it's fun for sure. I've been playing it a lot this week, and it seems like it could be a really great utility instrument. I'll likely swap in a few sets of pickups because I have a hard time not messing with things. The Staytrem non-exportation issue is unfortunate.

I'm broke for the time being, so I think the blue is safe for awhile, and I've come to like it more than I thought I would. I tend to go for rich dark colors, but this works for now.

CFM is great. This was my old partsmaster with a Deep Seat body, but I'm not certain CFM works as well with an unfinished headstock.:

I had a SG Marrguar briefly, really liked the color, and have thought about something like this green & black combo, which I think would look pretty good with the B&B neck:

We'll see. ;D

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