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Re: Inexpensive Banjos

Post by seattle » Tue May 14, 2019 11:26 pm

I'm mainly a guitar player but I have a ukulele, mandolin and a banjo. I initially bought a new Epiphone bottlecap style resonator banjo for about $275. I never really played it much. It didn't look good, it was big and heavy and it just wasn't comfortable to mess around with.

I bought that style because I like Bluegrass music. I ended up selling it but I did get most of my money out of it ($250) due to luck. Epiphone stopped selling that model and there wasn't much other competition at that price range. Otherwise I would have taken more of a hit on the resell value.

I bought a used Goodtime 2 open back for $330. I still play Bluegrass style but it doesn't need to be so loud because I'm not playing in a band. It's also smaller and more comfortable to play since it doesn't have the resonator back (you couldn't just take the back off with the bottle cap style or the metal would be very uncomfortable against your skin). The Goodtime 2 also looks much better (natural looking) to me.

If you want that drone sound that you get from Bluegrass you do want a 5 string though.

If you want to play that style in a band you definitely want a resonator style but otherwise you might want to at least consider an open back. I know it ended up being the best choice for me. I'd say either get the Goodtime 2 or be prepaired to spend substantially more if you need/want more than that.

Stay away from the bottle cap style or the 4/6 string styles unless they are specifically what you are interested in.

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Re: Inexpensive Banjos

Post by higgsblossom » Sun May 19, 2019 11:52 pm

So the six-string is basically just a guitar with banjo specs, right?
I really don't know anything about banjos... even though I have a tenor guitar and use banjo tuning (CGDA) on that one.
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