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Glad Cafe intro to Ableton with Gav Thompson

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 1:56 am
by shadowplay
Local to me superb venue and social enterprise the Glad Cafe has posted the following online; Intro to Ableton with Gav Thomson - Week 1! Glorious Traces Legacy Workshops.

It's sally free and easy and hopefully of use to someone.
As COVID struck we were in the process of announcing some music workshops as part of our Glorious Traces Legacy programme, kindly enabled by Creative Scotland. Unfortunately we had to cancel those workshops but it meant we could recruit local Ableton Live expert, Gav Thomson, to lead a 6 week course in the brilliant music making computer programme. The fantastic six, two hour lessons were livestreamed in April and May but they are all available for anyone to watch here. We have also set up an Ableton help group on Facebook called the Glad Ableton Live Support Group so go and search for that if you'd like to get involved with it. We're really happy with how these turned out and very thankful to Gav for the excellent job he did producing these lessons.