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Not new guy from NJ

Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2019 6:49 pm
by seenoevil II
So, I once had a decently active OSG account years ago. No points for guessing what handle I had. But I could get a little agro, and at one point needed a break. Well, life stepped in as it does and that break turned to into a 5 year hiatus. I eventually realized that I had forgotten the password and the email I registered with. So, I dusted my hands and thought that was that.

Bored one night, I read an old thread I started and the plethora of thoughtful, diverse, experienced folks on here inspired me to hop back in. I think this time though I'll have a lighter hand on the pulse of this place. Mostly though, I just want to use the search function to find old threads with gear recommendations.

I'll be interested to see what this place is like now that offsets are as common as housecats. Speaking of which, I can't even swing a cat at a show in Philly without hitting an offset.

So, then, who wants to take 49 more turns in a conversation so I can get back to the gear shop?

Re: Not new guy from NJ

Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2019 7:18 pm
by mbene085
Welcome (back). It's weird how popular offsets have gotten in recent times, isn't it? I remember my '93 MIJ Jag being a real catch because it was LPB with matching headstock, which just didn't exist here in North America. All you ever saw were the white, red, and sunburst MIJs, which were also the only models being offered.

Now my local guitar stores have offsets in stock at every price point. It's a golden age for offset fans.

Re: Not new guy from NJ

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 6:19 pm
by seenoevil II
So, I've been poking around now for a little while and I have a few observations:

1. The forum seems a lot quieter now than it did when I left. There doesn't seem to be the same volume of posting happening now. I'm sure there are many many reasons for this. If I could guess one of them though, I reckon the ubiquity of smartphones has something to do with it as this style of site is way more difficult to use on a phone screen.

This used to be one of my daily addiction websites. Almost as much as a reddit or a digg. There used to be new posts to parse through on an hourly basis. I remember agro political debates breaking out between users with post counts under 50 who didn't seem ever to talk about guitars.

The relative quiet now, and the absence of certain mainstay members (shadow play, the one that was spok, that one who was a bunch of o's with lines through them) makes me think something happened. Some sort of schism or crisis that changed the forum. Or maybe everyone is just busy now, IDK.

2. There seems to have been a downgrade in the skin of the site itself. I've seen a few other forums that must use the same software and they all have the same look.

3. I checked out some of my former handle's posts and, whoa, I don't even recognize myself. I mean, I do. These are the thoughts or feelings I might have, but the fact that I was spewing them forth with such- zeal. I had zero chill, and less sense. That said, there are/were some other posters who comported themselves in less than optimal fashion as well.

Anyway, just my .02 after touring the modern OSG after a long absence (which was actually more like 3.5/4 years than 5 years).

Re: Not new guy from NJ

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 8:07 pm
by Danley
As another guy who was a member almost fifteen years ago and then returned (and having observed offset forums since late-nineties Jag-Stang days,) I guess this is somewhat interesting so I'll add observations:

-I'm alarmed *any* internet forum gets traffic nowadays in the age of Facebook, Reddit, Instagram/Twitter and lots of other internet bullshit venues where focused discourse and retention/documentation of knowledge aren't goals (and rather, gathering 'likes' and compromising your own privacy by easily availing personal info are the goals.) I actually am impressed how much discussion on guitars and other things goes on here, and how civilized the place mostly is. There are way worse internet forums and rosters of members. Most internet guitar forums have me wondering how *I personally* along with the guitar community at large incurred failure by attracting such terrible people by our direct or indirect actions. TLDR, I actually like it here and think the volume of topics is pretty alright and I find this place more enjoyable than ever.

-I hate online templates for forums - always view forums full screen/desktop on my phone, no issue. I could probably find more volume of discussion on Facebook or Reddit, but those places don't have the archival value or wealth of accumulated knowledge that an internet forum has. If I wanted people jacking off to their own likes and 'witty' comments made to their follower-ship as if they just discovered things other people knew or solved thirty or so years ago, I guess I would go ahead and start posting in places like that. Reddit's good for porn though.

-There are a lot of old regulars I remember who are indeed not here from the old days. Most people on board now were probably not around when I was an active poster before (but I was more active on Shortscale.) After hanging around a couple years in the 'new' Offset I realize I do not miss those people at all (though I should specify, I think those who stick in my mind do not overlap with the regulars you referred to.) That said there may be some who left, returned, and got new screennames (like me.) Whatever the case, I agree with you - it's lucky no one remembers my previous shit-posting (intentional or not,) and while some things about me never changed and won't be ashamed of, I know I did a lot of embarrassing things back then - on-line and off.

Good seeing you again, person I do not remember but who sort of rings a bell :)