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New to the group!

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 5:33 pm
by ChristheRat
In my obsessive search for anything Toronado I found this forum and got so excited. My best friend in high school had one and still does, and I’ve always loved it and it’s even been on some records we recorded together. I got the bug again when I saw the fender mag 7 offset tele. I was saving up for that but I needed to buy a baritone 7 string for a djent project I had coming up which set me back. I don’t really like beefy metal guitars so I’ll sell it when the record is done so I can get a toronado. I also have an explorer and a Strat which cover my spectrum of sounds that I NEED, but neither of them are the cool shape that I WANT. I’m sure you all understand:) anyways loving all the mods and seeing tons of rad guitars that I’ve never seen before. Cheers:)