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Wannabe Left-Handed Offset Owner from Seattle

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 12:39 pm
by Flagada_John52
Greetings from the beautiful PNW!
So I'm a left-handed (=cursed) guitarist... When it comes to guitars, there isn't much off-the-shelf choice. When it comes to offset guitars, there's even less off-the-shelf choice! Fender only has one lefty Jaguar, the Kurt Cobain one, with humbuckers, a TOM and a neck with a small headstock. Not exactly what I'm looking for... Jazzmasters are a little bit more accessible though with 3 models: Mod-shop (with a lot less customization choices than the right-handed version), American Pro (a Jazzmaster with no rhythm/lead circuit, are you serious?!) and the Classic Vibe '60s which is not availble yet (but looks very promising!).
That Classic Vibe '60s Jazzmaster is quite appealing, but I'm leaning towards a Jaguar - yeah why make it simple when you can make it complicated?
I have multiple guitars - too much if you ask my wife: 3 Strats (Transfer which I started with, American Standard, and a right-handed Vintage Modified Squier - my Hendrix guitar :) ), AVRI '52 Tele, Gretsch Duo Jet, Tokai Les Paul, Edwards E-SA-125LTS, Gibson SG Standard and a PRS SE Custom 24 . But none with a short scale like the Jaguar. The shortest scale I have is on a Gretsch Duo Jet (24.6") and it doesn't bother me. I like the Jaguar chrome plates. And I like that Jaguar tone too! I've recently seen live performances of multiple bands playing Jaguars (Milo Green w/ Charley Dam, Sharon Van Etten w/ Charley Dam too, Shakey Graves had one on stage too).
I haven't found a used one that has the specs I'm looking for (9.5" radius) but MJT is providing left-handed Jaguar bodies and pickguards, Musikraft is providing left-handed Jaguar necks. Mastery is providing left-handed tremolos, I should be able to get a left-handed Staytrem bridge from a friend in the UK, Faction guitars is providing left-handed control plates and the pickups and electronics can be easily found (will use right handed parts for those). Now I'd have to either have a tech assemble it for me but the first estimate I've had is way too expensive (around $600-$700) or assemble it myself. The only real challenge I see is the installation of the tremolo and the pickguard/control plates. I'm hoping to find valuable informations on how to do that properly here so I can own my own offset guitar!