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Greetings from sunny Florida

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 7:54 pm
by GatorFL
Hey folks, thanks for adding me to your site. I have been a guitar player on and off for 45 years now. I gigged in wedding bands when I was young, and now that all of my kids are grown and gone, I have picked it up again. I have owned more than 20 guitars in my lifetime, it has always been a bit of a hobby to buy and sell them. I sold my entire collection 3 years ago when we moved south, and I have been carefully building it up again. Here is where I am at currently:

1. Fender Duo Sonic HS: I just bought this offset. Musicians Friend had a Candy Apple Red "blem" model with a maple fingerboard for $335, so I snatched it up. I had owned a vintage mustang years ago, and I have to say that I like the playability of thew Duo more. I think part of it is that I am very much partial to maple fingerboards. There was no visible blem on the guitar, so I feel it was a great deal at that money. I am going to get locking tuners and a new nut, but I will probably stay with the pickups. The humbucker is every bit as vibey as my Les Paul. Fender MIM is really really good. I played some really crappy guitars in the 70's for nearly the same money!
2. Fender Stratocaster Elite: I got this last year, always wanted a top end strat, and I do love playing it. The compound radius neck took some getting used to, but after putting some Gibbons 07/38's on it, it plays really nice.
3. Gibson Les Paul Studio: I bought one of the new studios with the bound neck. I had never owned a Les Paul, so I felt that it was time. I love the tone and everything except the rosewood fingerboard. It is a bit too grainy for me, but I am thinking that it will get better as I break it in.
4. Taylor 312CE Acoustic: I have also always wanted a Taylor, and I view that as an upgrade from the Takamine that used to own.

I also recently bought one of those hip little JoYo amps, I bought the Meteor model, which has the Orange sound. I paired it with a british celestion cab from SubZero, and it has tone for days and that wicked Orange crunch. I am a big fan of Joyo, for $150 you get a tube preamp/amp with an effects loop as well as Bluetooth in for backing tracks. I have an original CryBaby, and an assortment of pedals.

I'm a rock / blues player, not awesome, not terrible. I spend a few hours playing every other day, and am enjoying playing again. I just love electric guitars, have always been a guitar geek. I do my own setups, to me that is part of the fun to get the git box dialed in.

Rock on..

Re: Greetings from sunny Florida

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 8:05 pm
by Larry Mal
Welcome to the site!