Hello from the UK

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Hello from the UK

Post by WingedWords » Sat Oct 13, 2018 7:11 am

I started playing in 1968, acoustic folk, and have been in love with the guitar and its music ever since. I've tried playing everything except jazz and flamenco, much as I love listening to them.

I started to take classical guitar seriously about 10 years ago and that's my main field, but keep my much wider tastes very much intact. I

I've pretty much always had at least one Tele around since the mid 70's and a Strat or two since about 1990.

About three years ago I suddenly found a taste for metal bodied resonators, bottleneck and open tunings. My Mule is my best guitar ever.

Offsets? All I remember is that they were those things at the front of the old Fender catalogues I flipped past to get to the real business of Teles and Strats. Until this Spring when I read a thread on another forum about Jazzmasters and just fancied a new challenge. The UK Mule importer is James' Home of Tone and he did a series on his blog about modifying a Squier Vintage Modified and a few chats with him got me started.

My VM has McNelly pickups and a very tidy Home of Tone wiring harness. AVRI trem and Staytrem bridge, trem arm and collet. 11-50 Gabriel Tenorio strings and it's a super guitar, very different from my Teles and Strats.

I really didn't mean to get another, but I absolutely couldn't resist an Ocean Turquoise American Original 60s JM and I'm totally pleased to have it. It's the best Fender I've ever played.

A surprised old dog learning new tricks with resonators and offsets. I've even been looking at Les Pauls recently.

I've learnt so much from this site - thank you all.

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