Hello from the Midwest!

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Hello from the Midwest!

Postby El Scorcho » Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:43 pm

Hi! I'm a (thoroughly) amateur guitarist. I just got a Squier VM Jazzmaster (a solid upgrade from my starter Epiphone SG Special) and I am lovin' it. El Scorcho is my favorite Weezer song, but more importantly its an ascended in-joke about my inability to choose decent online usernames. I have a '73 Fender Champ that I got cheap off a family friend; it's seen better days, but it makes sweet noise with my Jazzmaster and that's all I care about. My guitar heroes are Kurt Cobain, Kim Thayil, and the Edge. As you might have gathered, I have a great reverence for grunge (and also U2). I found this place quite on accident, looking for information on bridge upgrades (the tune-o-matic was the one thing my Epi had going for it), and figured I ought to join up.
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