Hello from California

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Hello from California

Postby Krs1 » Wed Jan 04, 2017 1:39 am

Hi everyone,

I'm Kris. Been playing guitar (terribly) since I was 13. Owned a bunch of different stuff throughout the years but as styles and priorities changed so did my gear. The only thing I hung on to very long was a mid 80's CIJ jazzmaster that I thought was perfect. Wound up selling it about 7 years ago to help fund a motorcycle. I never really got over that guitar (my first and only offset).

Long story short... I've been getting back into playing over last 6 months on an old Mexican strat my wife had and after years of regretting selling my old jazzmaster I decided to pull the trigger on a new one.

It definitely wasn't the most responsible purchase after blowing money over the holidays but I have been lusting after a burgundy mist thin skin jazzmaster since they came out. When I saw one available on eBay a couple of days ago I had to pull the trigger.

I won't have it for a while but now that I am officially the owner of an offset again I figured I'd stop anonymously lurking and join the forum.
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