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Postby The_505 » Wed Dec 21, 2016 5:07 pm


First off, I love offset guitars. My first was a MiM Fender pawn shop special. Double H configuration with no less than 18 different configurations at your fingertips. It can do Rock to Country to beautiful clean. I love this guitar and the short scale length. This led me to buy my current guitar, a Squier VM Jag. This in turn led me to this site ;D

I also have a offset Partscaster. This started out with a Ibanez Roadcore 365H I found for cheep with a messed up neck, but great body. For those who've never seen one, they're basically a Fender Thinline (semihollow body) but with an offset body shape. I then threw on a Warmoth tiltback 24.75" conversion neck and some new pickups and it's an awesome guitar, Makes me feel like Tab B. I ended up parting with my AS Tele because I'd rather play this! Plus, after many years of trying to emulate my favorite players, I decided to go with what's more comfortable to me, shorter scale lengths, and follow my own heart :jacked:

At this point I do not know where the Jag will take me. I know it needs new pickups for my taste. I'm not a whammy bar user, so I'm looking at options of getting a TOM on there at best case, worst case would be a modified Mustang bridge. In the interim I'll make some changes to the switching - convert the strange switch to phase and make the double off/on positions series parallel. But that's easy stuff.

See you around!
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