Hello from Holland

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Hello from Holland

Postby BornToHula » Fri Dec 16, 2016 1:56 am

Dear all,

Hello my name is Vincent. I’m from the Netherlands.
I’ve been a Fender Jaguar fanatick for quite some time en spend a lot of time on the forum as a guest.

Pretty cool place guys!

I own a 2007 avri Fender Jaguar which unfortunately I have modded back in 2009.
That was in my band days and needed more humbucker power.. The band name was YourAnus :-)

The reason i've registered is that i’m planning to restore the Jaguar and offcourse have some questions which i will ask in the right section.

Some specs from the ‘current’ jaguar. To increase the string tension I've placed a spalk with 2 crews.
The bridge is a combination of a tune o matic and a original mustang bridge.
The humbuckers are both SH-8 invaders by Seymour Duncan (we played a little bit stoner rock :-)
Pots 1mg replaced by 500k pots.

Here are some pictures of the current state of the Jag:
And yes as you can see there is a crack in the headstock. Titebond Glue is on the way.
On the last photograph you als see a 2009 Standard USA Stratocaster.


Looking forward too meet you all on the forum.

All the best,
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