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Hello there!

Postby MayTheFuzzBeWithYou » Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:27 am

Hey there!
I was combing through the osg forum for about a year now. Looking for advice on how to mod my Thinline Jaguar and because I'm always curious what your projects do look like and how they evolve!

Yeah and GAS is defenitly a thing you get when seeing all those beautiful offsets!

Now I thought it was time to both sign up and introduce myself.
I'm Markus from Linz/Austria and my first contact to an offset guitar was my best friend's and former bandmate's japanese jazzmaster in candy apple red (matching headstock of course) - I did like the contours and the sound from the beginning, wasn't sure about the colour and the bridge. So I stuck with my Epiphone Les Paul for some time.

My next electric guitars were a Danelectro Dead on 67 Baritone (which I sadly sold - I'm still looking for a standard version of that guitar in Cobalt Blue, if anyone wants to sell his/hers), a 60s Tribute Les Paul, Gibson this time and a Hagström Viking before I finally found my Jag!

I put a mastery bridge and SD P-Rails in it, the vibrato bar is diy/custom made because the stock one always got loose.
A tortoise pickguard-blank is on it's way from the UK and will be added in the weeks/months to follow!

My sound is mostly Fuzz-drenched and reverb soaked - I recently played in two Psychedelic/Stoner Rock Bands - but people kept saying we'd sound like straight out of a Tarantino Movie (must have been my faible for Surf Rock I suppose)!

And so my new group, I'm forming right now will be more of a Psych/Garage/Heavy Surf thing... I'll keep you updated on that!

I play a Fender Supersonic 60 head with a 1x15 (mojotone) and a 2x12 Fender Cabinet, my 4x12 (all three in the same colour) is now my backup-cab along with a Fender Bassman 2x15 cab (I really dig the 15" Sound with guitar)!

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