Beef pleef.

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Beef pleef.

Post by fuzzking » Thu Nov 30, 2006 2:29 am

Good Morning and:  Beefheart aficionados out there?
Has any one ever managed to play any riff of "Lick My Decals Off, Baby"?
It just drives me nuts every time I listen to it, I mean it's just one guitar
doubled w/a xylophone (on headphones it's just weird, it's recorded in
"Beatles Stereo", total L/R separation). I once figured out "I'm gonna
booglarize you baby", but never managed those quick runs.
I find the playing of the Magic Band to be IT, it's just those weird
time signatures floating along an then they hit the ONE and it's like
falling down a staircase with instruments in hands, and the captain
kicking them up again, the music's got that "rubberish" quality to it,
every single thing seems to be squeezed and stretched...

I find the "Lunar Note" on "Big Eyed Beans from Venus" to be the most
chilling single-note-moment to have ever been played on electric guitar. 

Does anyone else have any favorite Moments in Beef History?

greetings, M
Jesus must be spinning in his grave.

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