new band demo for offset/alt rock fans

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new band demo for offset/alt rock fans

Post by skywallader » Mon Jan 27, 2020 12:13 pm

hey yall, long time first time

recently released my bands first demo
FFO: dinosaur jr, guided by voices, nirvana, elliott smith/heatmiser, sonic youth, neil young

over the last year ive been learning about recording and accumulating gear, and this forum was a huge help in understanding how to record bands and instruments. So a huge thanks to everyone who has ranted and rambled in giant posts so I could quietly devour them while filling my notebooks with tips, tricks, notes, do's and dont's!
(that being said, in this process ive learned more about what not to do and when we start working on our next release I dont think ill be doing anything the way I did for these songs)

I hope yall dig it, and openly welcome any and all feedback!

and since its always my favorite part of any post, heres an extensive gear list of everything played and used to record:

Fender Jazzmaster (road worn series, antiquity I pickups, AVRI trem, 250k vol/tone pots)
Yamaha FG-180 acoustic guitar
no name knockoff P-style Bass

Marshall Origin 50 head
Ampeg V4 4x12 cabinet
Mesa/Boogie MKII Coliseum head
unmarked 2x15 bass cabinet

Fulltone OCD
1979 EHX Big Muff
EHX Rams Head RI Big Muff
Sansamp Tech21 bass

Zoom r16
Mackie Mixer (unsure of model number, 24 input mixer)
Behringer tube preamp
FMR RNC compressor

Audio Technica AT2020 (room)
Senheiser e906 (guitar)
AKG D112 (kick/bass)
Blue Yeti (overhead)

thank you to any and all!!

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