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Insides (Earwig too if you fancy)

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:07 am
by shadowplay
Anyone bought the reissue of Euphoria? (on Beacon Sound)I bought it for one of my daughters birthday and then bought myself a copy to save my old one. It's kinda dear in the UK at least (£30-35) and for the money they really should have pressed up the seven inch that originally came with the album on original release on 4AD subsidiary Guernica but I guess this is balanced out a little by the risk no doubt inherent in pressing up something that's not been pre-cooled up the wazoo. On the plus side the price seems to have ensured there are still copies to be had.

I have pulled Euphoria out now and again over the years and the kids know it but listening this time round I started to really get the picture of how special this record still sounds, it's not moored to a time, it's non scene, for me it could almost have existed at any time from 1983 and now and it's an absolute dream pop classic and fuck me...25 years old!

I find Kirsty's voice brings on a sort of shivering synesthesia, it's sensual and almost like she's singing right in your ear and the combination of Durutti reminiscent guitar and the bubbling, piping, clockwork overlapping song layers still really has something about it.

After this we had some fun playing some Earwig records who were the precursor to Insides. I can't say I'd want to revisit the first couple of 12's anytime soon, which for me are a little of their time but the Earwig elpee still stands up being essentially the early shoots of the Insides sound.

If you are feeling unfamiliar and only have time for one most people would point you at Darling Effect and I'm not going to argue. I'd also say this is fair illustration of another aspect of Insides that sets them apart from many of their often mimsy vapid contemporaries, lyrical content.

Insides - Euphoria

and some Earwig if Insides have given you an earworm.

Earwig - under my skin I am laughing

Heres an article on them My Needles Are Breaking: The Euphoria Of Insides which IIRC correctly ruffled a few feathers last time I posted it but which I think is mostly perceptive.


Re: Insides (Earwig too if you fancy)

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:34 am
by shadowplay
Ah well...full marks for trying. I thought Insides were a sure fire heritage rawk golden oldie winner.