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Re: your effects setup?

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 3:20 pm
by Zork
Zork wrote:
Sat Mar 07, 2020 12:30 am
Here's the new version:


I would've liked to keep the Micro Synth, but it's not working properly and adds a lot of noise. The Moogerfoogers are great, but the MM4 works better in this setup: I used the MF-101 for some kind of phaser (with the LFO of the 102 modulating cutoff) and the MF-102 as a tremolo, but the MM4 just does these things better in this particular setup. The Moogs are now happy at home with my e-piano. I want to change some caps and resistors in the wah (it's already heavily modified) but overall I'm happy. The Fur Coat is awesome. Maybe I'll add a simple octaver at some point.