Encoder issues?

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Encoder issues?

Post by jorri » Thu Jun 25, 2020 3:25 am

I've had a stereo memory man w/ hazarai for 12 years now.

Problem is every time a preset is selected, there seems to be an automatic switch back to where the knobs are set.
(indicated by flashing light instead of solid)
I attempted getting contact cleaner in the pots from the top side and seems like it did reach inside as they feel different but no luck!

It seems like it would be due to scratchy pots that don't stay on one value but who knows?
Maybe they are worn?
Its very annoying if I use a fully wet shimmery effect and it plonks in dry signal suddenly.

Looking at how to replace pots or even get to them looks super difficult under all the PCBs that are blocked in by the Jacks.
Its also a cheap pedal (for a multi-delay-looper) so should I just buy another?

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