RIP Fulltone

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Re: RIP Fulltone

Post by andy_tchp » Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:37 am

FiestaRed335 wrote:
Sun Jun 28, 2020 8:12 pm
Do I not have a right to post here because I am new?

Of course you do, and as a reward you get to read our replies ;)

(Welcome, by the way.)

This forum *is* the people who make up its membership, not some internet toilet Facebook 'group' with largely transient/random participation and attention span of the next page refresh. You couldn't possibly know anyone's motivations after hanging around here for 2 days yet chose to make those assumptions anyway.

And, uh, nobody is getting hung up about definitions. We all know what virtue signalling is.
If one has a moral conflict, they should sell the pedal, as I am doing
Curious to hear the demonstrated practical effect you believe this achieves compared with obscuring logos on already owned equipment? Or compared with doing nothing at all?
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Re: RIP Fulltone

Post by s_mcsleazy » Mon Jun 29, 2020 7:13 am

on the obscuring logo's thing. i think it's an interesting idea. it's basically sends the message of "i bought this product before i knew how bad the company was, it's a good product but i'm not willing to give them free advertising after their actions" plus people have been writing messages over it saying "black lives matter" which proves to be an evergreen statement.

let's be honest with ourselves as guitar players. we see something, we're usually curious about the thing. how many times has someone found the latest hotness, stuck it on their board, everyone starts asking about it and then 10 weeks later, the new hotness is on every pedalboard to the point where we dont even notice it anymore? i think with the obscured logo fulltone stuff, people are going to be like "oh cool, you covered your OCD in the names of people of colour who died at the hands of police"
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Re: RIP Fulltone

Post by FiestaRed335 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 6:56 pm

øøøøøøø wrote:
Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:59 am

"Virtue signaling" is used to signify "out-group" instead, and its widespread use in that context is more-recent. But it's become similarly-loaded as language, hence the negative reaction to your choice of words. Take that under advisement and do with that information as you wish. It's perfectly fine to say "I didn't realize" and move on.

Generally, the burden is on the communicator to make sure they're communicating in a clear way. We all make mistakes. But if you're in a room full of 20 people and you find your intentions misconstrued by literally everyone, the error may lie with the one person, and not with each of those individual 20 people, you know?
You make a fair point. I have certainly seen the term misappropriated when directed at people advocating a progressive stance. I really do not like heuristics, because they tend to short-circuit real conversations. Plowing forward with my own definition of something that has become a heuristic is fairly futile in getting around the meaning that has become associated with it.

I still believe, that in a time when the left so clearly holds the moral high ground on nearly every issue facing society, that people should be careful not to advocate for change in overtly histrionic ways. While this is a matter of opinion, I believe that it is sometimes a rhetorical weak-spot of ours as it relates to persuading those on the other side.

No longer supporting Fulltone is a no-brainer for most. Trying to take a stance with a pedal that one already owns, whether keeping, painting, selling, scrapping, etc is something of no real significance other than to oneself. This is why, despite not wanting it anymore, I had no issue selling my '70 fuzz (I actually loved it, unfortunately). I had a particularly visceral reaction to those I saw posting painted pedals for internet likes. It struck me as disingenuous.

However, you and others have made some great points about using a painted Fulltone pedal to promote positive change in public. And I appreciate your diplomatic explanation of the problematic word choice. There is more nuance to this than I initially thought, and I apologize for being inflammatory. I truly am excited to have found a corner of the guitar world that views things this way (in addition to my love of Jazzmasters).

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Re: RIP Fulltone

Post by somanytoys » Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:44 am

I sure hope ol’ Bill doesn’t say anything wrong, so that I could start buying old Klon pedals for $12...haha.

It’s kind of fucked up that this is all out there now, and forcing us make choices on some good, previously purchased products because of people’s opinions or stances, but I guess it has to come to a head at some point.

Keep & continue to use, tape/paint or leave it as-is, sell it & re-use the $ or donate it? It’s a personal decision.

I don’t play out, so I don’t plan on having to explain myself to a group of angry people that saw one of many pedals on my board at a venue, and suddenly think I’m in support of an asshole and their views, and be told that I need to do something with my property because it bothers them. If it had a rebel flag painted on it - yeah, I can see that, but some of these things are a recent development, and these pedals were purchased before the incident happened, or innocently bought prior to having the knowledge of what had already happened. Intent goes a long way in these kinds of situations, and purging or whatever because of that is up to the person that owns it, and maybe how much attention it may bring would be a factor.

I know where I stand in my beliefs, and I also feel that the left is in the correct side of pretty much every issue, and my having a few pedals doesn’t automatically mean that I support their views.

If I played out in public, I would have to reconsider, either finding something else to use in its place when playing out, or using tape or whatever to convey the message that it isn’t a support thing by using or owning the pedal.

Using a pedal privately isn’t the same as goosestepping to a nazi flag at home - unless that’s how you feel about it, but I don’t think that it’s right projecting that feeling into others, whether it’s about shaming or similar. Sharing info about it is one thing, what they choose to do with that knowledge is another. Like I said before, I won’t be buying new products from these companies, but I’m not getting rid of them because the guy that made them is a dick.

I mean, to be/feel completely pure, who knows what all I’d have to throw out/sell at my house, that isn’t even musical equipment?

Maybe my views will change, but for now, I feel like its similar to the meaning behind “The Treachery of Images” painting by Magritte (This is not a pipe).

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