HBE Power Screamer is slowly dying - similar pedals?

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HBE Power Screamer is slowly dying - similar pedals?

Post by fresh1megpots » Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:11 am

Ive had a HBE Power screamer as my main OD pedal for almost 10 years now and it is sadly starting to give me some trouble from time to time. I love HBE pedals and while there are a few power screamer pedals for sale online, being that the company is no longer in business, i thought maybe it would be a good idea to find a more modern replacement.

On the PS, I exclusively use the 'middle' diode setting on the pedal which is less of a standard TS sound. According to the manual for the pedal the middle diode selection is "Center=More bass, gain and volume, slight compression".

I have tried reading the below spec to see if i could identify which type of diode is the middle setting with no success. I thought that maybe then i could look for OD pedals with similar diode/JRC4558 op amp combo as a replacement. That is where i seem to have hit a wall.

Can anyone read this and tell which type of diode the middle setting of the three way switch would be pointing to?
https://tagboardeffects.blogspot.com/20 ... eamer.html

Open to any suggestions if others have used this pedal and have any other suggested replacements. I know there are so many options in OD pedals these days. Worst case i will be heading to my local shop with the PS pedal in hand to do some comparisons by ear.... that EQD palisades has 6 diode options so i may just end up comparing to that first and going from there...

For those who want to check out HBEs old site, it can be found on the internet archives here: http://web.archive.org/web/201202190406 ... onics.com/


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