Traynor YBA-1A users here?

Make it loud here.
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Re: Traynor YBA-1A users here?

Post by Horsefeather » Thu Oct 11, 2018 3:18 pm

I necro'd for the benefit of anyone coming across this thread looking for technical information in the future. To that end, I'll add more to it.

I just finished replacing the two volume pots on mine and altering the bright cap on the Channel 2 pot. I went from the stock 500K linears to 500K audios with push-pull switches on them. For Channel 2 I replaced the stock .001 uf bright cap with a 120 pf (.00012 uf), which makes Channel 2 just slightly brighter than Channel 1, but I also wired a 300 pf cap across the out position of the switch in parallel so that they combine for 420 pf, which is very bright even at less than half the stock value. One of the adjustments necessary for getting this thing tuned to guitar use rather than bass.

It still gets loud as hell fast but not AS fast as with those stock linear volume pots. Plugged into Input (1) of either channel and keeping the volume on 1 makes it fine for "bedroom" use.

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Re: Traynor YBA-1A users here?

Post by somanytoys » Thu Dec 20, 2018 2:02 pm

I don't have any of those amps, but I do have 3 other Traynor amps.

I have a TS-50B bass amp head, a TS-25B combo bass amp, and I bought a TS-10 guitar amp just to check out, because it was in the same series. All of those are solid state.

FWIW, I also bought 2 Tronographic Rusty Box pedals, which was designed from the schematic of the TS-50B to be an exact duplicate, for use as a pedal or as a preamp. They also make a version of the pedal for guitar, but I forget the name of that pedal.

The bass amps are really cool, if you like that kind of sound, which is often paired with aluminum neck basses, made famous by Shellac & Big Black, Steve Albini's groups.

For the record, I do not recommend the TS-10, it goes from sounding okay at lower volumes (but you know it's ss), to sounding like shrill screaming shit at higher volumes. But it is what it is, I'm keeping it.

In fact, here's what was in the description of another TS-10 for sale, that I saw after I bought mine, I thought it was funny and sums it up pretty nicely:

Vintage Traynor TS-10 Solid State 1x8 Combo Guitar Amplifier
Gain, Tone, Master Volume controls
1/4" input, 1/4" headphone output
Grounded power cable
Very compact (15"W, 8"D, 10.5"H, including handle)
The amp is in good condition. The controls are a bit scratchy. Very nice clean tones with the master volume up and gain turned down. There is not a huge amount of clean headroom, but it can still get way too loud for my Brooklyn apartment while staying dead clean with a Gibson SG (medium-output humbuckers). It gets very, very raunchy when the gain is turned up, yielding tons of nightmarish squarewave filth.

It's a boost booster, to boost your boost - it makes your tone much muchier.

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