Quilter making me QUIT T00BZ??

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Re: Quilter making me QUIT T00BZ??

Post by panoramic » Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:48 am

peterherman wrote:
Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:45 pm
mackerelmint wrote:
Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:57 am
Solid state is where it's at. I quit tubes years ago but for one small combo amp that I love.

Cheap, clean, and reliable wins in my book.
Yeah I'm getting way more into an amp that just works instead of an amp that is cool. Normcore for amps
fuckina right. I'm likely to keep one bandmaster or a musicman 65 head and move onto a roland jc and a quilter head or something at this point. I am so tired of shit going up in tube amps.
right now i have 3 amps on the fritz, seriously it's a fucking shitshow. I only own two GOOD guitars otherwise i have a squier i use for alt tunings and a bass.
i used to be cool

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Re: Quilter making me QUIT T00BZ??

Post by somanytoys » Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:58 am

I’m sure I’ve said all of this before in another thread or 2, but the maintenance and cost of tubes aside, there is something to both sides on this. At least for me, everyone’s different.

I have had quite a few totally solid state guitar amps, and only have 2 now, an old, small Traynor and a THR-10 C. The ones I got rid of definitely weren’t the best of what’s available, but I have found that I do tend to prefer the tube sound for guitar. If I can get that sound from a pedal and/or a ss preamp, I’m all for it. I just haven’t yet, and I definitely have my fair share of pedals. I still really need to explore more, so that may be my fault, but I like the tube amps that I have, at least at this moment.

I have a setup ready to try feeding some pedals into a preamp pedal like Mac does, and then into the Iconoclast speaker emulator, and listen with headphones or push it through the PA (I don’t have any low wattage ss power amps that won’t blow guitar speakers). It’s ready to go, I just haven’t fired it up yet because other things right now, but I might find some really good sounds that way. I want it to work.

If you get the sounds that you like with solid state equipment, there’s no real reason to bother with tube amps, other than maybe you like that, too. Variety is fun.

For bass, I have quite a few solid state amps, a few with a tube section in the preamp, but with ss power sections. Many are ss all the way, and I have 3 (standalone) ss power amps to move the larger speakers. I actually don’t have any tube power sections, and never have, because I can get the sounds I want with ss, because of their design (like the Traynor TS amps) or their hybrid nature (like the SWR). Then there are pedals like the T-21 VT-DI that can pretty much bring you to tubey SVT or flip top tones and beyond. To me, it’s no different than going from a tube amp into a PA or FoH system - once the sound is there, it doesn’t matter what amplifies that sound, and sometimes the cleaner the better.

Tube amps are fucking heavy though, and I’m not getting any younger or stronger.

It’s all about what works.

It's a boost booster, to boost your boost - it makes your tone much muchier.

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