Jazzmaster -- best amp pairing

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Re: Jazzmaster -- best amp pairing

Post by iStringz » Wed Jun 17, 2020 6:40 am


I have owned quite a lot of Amps, Vintage and newer ones.
With my JM (2019 LTD American Pro with Rosewood Neck) and my Jaguar (2012 AVRI 65') I prefer my Fender Twin Reverb 1967 silverface over any of my other Amps (1969 Vox AC30, 1971 Vox Defiant Solid State and 1966 Guyatone GA-930)

I think it is true, that the JM and Jags need quite some mids to sound decent, but no problem with the 67' Twin.
The Vox on the other hand works great with guitars like a Rickenbacker 360 or even my 67 Coronado II.
Current offsets: Fender Jaguar 65 AVRI IceBlueMetallic & Fender Jazzmaster LTD w/ Rosewood Neck Shell Pink.

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