Jazzmaster -- best amp pairing

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Re: Jazzmaster -- best amp pairing

Post by blacktiger » Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:50 am

When you said “Princeton” I guess I didn't read too closely and assumed you were talking about blackface or silverface. I’m surprised you’re having this issue with a brownface. I always found them to pair very well with Jazzmasters, though I never owned a Princeton. I did own a Concert, a Super, a Bandmaster, and a Deluxe at one time or another, and all sounded great. I was pairing them with vintage JMs (and therefore vintage pickups), and they had original speakers and NOS American tubes, all of which may have made a difference. Other than brown Fenders, I always thought Voxes (vintage AC10 and AC50 and Korg AC30) and Marshalls (vintage 20 watt head with 1x12 cab) sounded great with JMs. The AC50 was especially great. It used EL34s and was not cathode biased (unlike the smaller Voxes), so it was a really great mix of Vox and Marshall sounds.
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