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New Rocking Rockerverb Day

Post by HNB » Sat Jan 12, 2019 11:58 am

I have wanted one of these for awhile. The 50 watt MKIII's seemed pretty cool with the build in attenuator and full and half power options. Also the reverb was a draw because my other Orange amps don't have reverb. This one came used but had the cover and footswitch and looks like it is brand new. I really like it. It is the first time I have used an effects loop. It turned out that I had to because the delay pedal and chorus pedal I had were causing some annoying noise in the signal even when they were not on. The clean channel on this amp is really nice. Really nice. I have Fender Twins, Showman, Champ, etc... This has a great clean channel and the reverb is good. The dirty channel has a huge range sound wise. You can do metal, rock, overdrive, etc. I can get Muff sounds, DS-1 sounds, and more with the gain settings and using my neck pickup or bridge. The three tones give a lot of range to adjust your sound and since each channel has its own volume, you can set it to where you want it for going between clean and dirty channel. The attenuator works great. It does exactly what it should. Make the amp sound the same, but quieter. This is great for me because my wife doesn't like loud in the house, but I don't want to have the amp turned all the way down. Volume up sounds better, so I can volume up and attenuate it down to where she won't kill me. The only gripe about these amps I have heard is that the pots click in position vs sweeping, but it hasn't bothered me. I was worried that the bass wasn't working right in the dirty channel, but I think it was because I had the mids turned all the way kinda bright and it was making it harder to hear any change in the bass end of things. It has the manual, but I learned that to use the footswitch for channel switching you have to set the front amp switch to dirty and then it works. If you have the front on clean it doesn't do anything when you click the foot switch. I have the second switch plugged into the reverb so I can turn reverb on and off. You can also footswitch the attenuator which I think would be cool for boosting volume for solos and back on to do rhythm.

I don't think I have been this excited about an amp and its features yet. (And with all the amps I have, that is pretty cool.) If you have a chance, I would check one out. The demos online give great examples of the sound, but it is always more fun to try it in person.

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